Yvonne Newhouse Watercolors at Filoli Exhibit

            Yvonne Newhouse has 2 paintings in this exhibit                      
                      Nature’s Many Splendors:
                  Farms, Gardens and Woodlands                 
                    A Multiple-Media Exhibition
                                     August 27 through October 27
                                    86 Canada Road, Woodside, CA
                                              Tuesday - Saturday
                                               10:00 am–3:30 pm
                                               11:00 am–3:30 pm

The Gallery at Filoli is a space used by the Art Committee of the Friends of Filoli to display artwork related to Filoli Center’s mission and to foster community relationships. Enrich your visits to Filoli in 2013 by visiting the inspiring collection of art and decorative art exhibits.
I visit Filoli often and always come away with an inspiration for a new work.

Peach Magnolia

Invitation to Rest