Marian Yap Painting in San Diego at Lyceum Gallery

Marian Yap is showing with the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild in an exhibit at the Lyceum Gallery in San Diego.

In conjunction with the play A Weekend with Pablo Picasso, the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild presents the juried exhibition Contemporary Expressionism: The Creative Spirit at Lyceum Gallery, San Diego, California.  The juror for this event was Derrick Cartwright, former director of the San Diego Museum of Art and the Seattle Art Museum.  The exhibit will fun from September 5 - October 14 at the Lyceum Gallery, 79 Horton Plaza in San Diego.  The online exhibition will run from September 15 - October 31, 2013.  The Artist Reception is September 13, 5-8PM at the Lyceum Gallery.
Often focusing on the internal world of emotion and spirituality, or on identity and protest, Expressionism has many faces.  This exhibition seeks to explore the many different approaches to this fascinating form of art-making.
The term Expressionism was first applied to the Parisian painting that followed Post-Impressionism at the turn of the 19th century.  Throughout the 20th century, Expressionism was applied to various figurative and abstract movements, from the German Expressionists, to Picasso and the Cubists, to Abstract Expressionism, Bay Area Figuration, and Neo-Expressionism.   

Faultlines - Acrylic on canvas - 20" x 24"