New WCA Logo Design Announced!

WCA logo horz web.jpg

Last fall we held a contest among our members for a new logo for the National WCA. From the exceptional entries we received, we selected the winning design by Rebecca Lambing, a graphic designer and artist who is the president of the Northern California Peninsula Chapter. Many thanks and congratulations Rebecca! We will be rolling out the new logo over the coming months as we update the national WCA webpage and our stationery, and produce new publications.

Rebecca Lambing chose the kaleidoscope of colors to embody creativity and inclusiveness. The kaleidoscope could also be seen as broken glass, as in shattering the glass ceiling. The strong upward movement of the W can be interpreted as women moving forward. The W is also at the center of a timeless circle holding the community together, just as women are at the center of the organization.

We’re excited that several local chapters, including the Peninsula Chapter will be adopting this new logo.

Annette Wagner