Call for Submissions: Women/Strength


Submission Deadline January 31, 2019

Exhibition March 2-29, 2019 celebrating Women’s History Month

Curator: Christine Cianci 
email: 415.308.0814


Twin Pines Art Center, the Manor House, 10 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont, CA 94002


What do you think of when you see the word Strength?

Strength to endure or withstand.  Strength to overcome adversity.  Strength of character, strength in numbers. A Strong voice, a strong body, strong scent. The strength of an ocean, or a mountain. Or perhaps it is power that comes to mind – strength as a tool. 

It is often said that “women are strong”, yet women are often depicted as just out of childhood; a demur tilt of the head and eyes looking downward. Vulnerable. Weak.  Yet is this how we see ourselves? Are sex and gender unimportant to an underlying premise of strength?  Nature is conceptualized as a mother yet there is nothing inherently female about a mountain. What is your conceptual representation encompassing the term Woman?

Pair the two words together; Strength/Woman.  What does your mind envision? 

How is depicting strength differ or not when linked with the concept of woman? 

How do you depict Strength/Woman? I invite you to interpret these concepts for this exhibit, celebrating Women’s History Month.


All work must be submitted through the online application Entrythingy. Artists who need help submitting via this method please contact myself or Tanya Lin for help.

Use this link to enter:

You will be required to provide:


Artist Name

Contact –email address




Statement about Artwork (optional, 50 words or less)

Painting, drawing, photo, printmaking, ceramics or sculpture (maximum 12x12x12” 3D pieces), assemblage, collage, mixed media, fiber art. No Giclee prints unless part of mixed media or photography. The venue has stated that subtle nudity is fine, but full frontals will not be acceptable. (Curator’s discretion.)
This exhibition cannot accept jewelry, performance art, or large installation.

March 2-27, 2019

Sunday March 3, 2019

Artists who are members of the Women’s Caucus for Art. Want to be in the show? JOIN OUR CHAPTER.

Artworks must arrive 'ready to hang' and be presented professionally. Framed artwork must use wood frames in black, white, or natural wood finishes, or metal frames in black, grey, white or natural metals finishes. No color mats. Plexi preferred. Unframed work must have professionally finished edges all around. Wrapped and taped (or plastic tube covered) wires and D-Rings, no sawtooth or other hangers.

Payment of $30 per entry. An entry consists of one to three submissions of images/artwork. A maximum of three entries per person is allowed. Credit card payment through Paypal only using entrythingy. You do not need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal. The curator has the discretion on the final number of entries depending on the response.

 Delivery Friday March 1, between 1-4. Contact Christine Cianci ( 415.308.0814) for alternative drop-off arrangements.

Pick-up Friday March 29, between 1-4. Contact Christine Cianci ( 415.308.0814) for alternative pick-up arrangements.

Twin Pines Art Center will not carry Fine Art insurance. Any insurance coverage on the Work shall be the responsibility of the Artist(s). 


All sales are between the artist and the buyer. Curator will provide the gallery with an information sheet on the show with the Artist’s contact info. Buyers will be given the artist’s contact information and all arrangements for the sale will take place after the show comes down. No work will be removed until that time.


All work must be for sale.

Both 2D and 3D are acceptable. There is a limited space for 3D work and size limitation is 12x12x12”. There is no floor space for sculptures due to venue restrictions

Maximum framed dimension width 36”.

Entries must be hanged with wrapped wire and d-rings. Saw-tooth hangers, clip frames or projecting eye screws will not be accepted.

Glass may be used in frames when total weight is not more than 15 lbs.

Upon Check-in/Drop-off, you will be required to sign off for your work, and verify the label to be applied to the back of your work.

Upon Pickup, you will be required to sign off for your work, and verify the label on the back of the work against the tracking list before taking it.

Post cards will be printed and available for U.S. mail and email.


January 31, 2019 submission to entrythingy deadline

March 1, 2019 Friday Art drop-off 1-4

March 3, 2019 Sunday Reception 2-4

March 29, 2019 Friday Pickup 1-4

Annette Wagner