SUSAN VARJAVAND - Gallery 9, Los Altos CA

LIGHT’S PLEASURES - Landscapes in Oil
February 3 - March 1, 2015,

Artist Reception: Friday, February 6, 5 -7:30 P.M.

143 Main Street, Los Altos, 94022     (650) 941-7969
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11-5p. Sundays, 12-4p.

Susan Varjavand’s new paintings explore the bay and hills. She paints to record how she feels about light and depth, especially dawn and dusk. Playfulness with light, the subject of this exhibit, is landscape telling how it soaks up light to enjoy itself. Light makes palm fronds sparkle, quiets trees at dusk, transforms a boulder’s color after rain, and gilds a valley, defining it as Californian.

A “colorist,” in the past Susan developed subjects such as the nude, “chair,” and mud-brick architecture to convey inner life, attitudes, and the memory of ancestors. In this exhibit, reworking favorites such as the bay and gestures of tree limbs, she suggests freshness of the moment with the help of a a vivid palette and sometime a palette knife.