Cristina Velazquez Makes a Statement With Repurposed Material

Please join Cristina Velazquez at the Palo Alto Art Center

For Repurposed Black—Endless, artist Cristina Velázquez employs VHS tapes as material for large-scale, densely knit sculptures, transforming trash into art. VHS tapes, unsuitable for disposal and unwanted by many, form a major part of the growing landscap of e-waste. But these tapes hold vast amounts of visual information, images, stories and narratives—those created from Hollywood
as well as the ones we’ve recorded ourselves. The record of these narratives, now discarded and abandoned, resonates with a sense of fragility, impermanence, and loss.
In this project, Velázquez will work with the public to collect unwanted VHS tapes, unravel them, and knit them together with community members in “knitting circles” to create unique sculptures.

The Palo Alto Art Center is located at 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto.

Cristina Velazquez

Visual Artist
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