A Family Affair of Art - Cristina Velazquez

The Alvarez-Velazquez Family of Artists will be exhibiting at the South First Billiard Gallery in San Jose.

Please join us for our first family exhibition:
All in One is a collaborative art exhibition between three members of a family.    In their first family show, this unit of artists—mother, son, and father utilize different media and expressions, which is evocative in their artwork.
Efren Alvarez is a painter, who uses the traditional medium of oils to expose highly satirical messages on border issues.  With his overtly prolific collection of hundreds of paintings created, Efren has captured the eyes of many local collectors and has recently exhibited at MACLA, in San Jose, and will be in a group exhibition; We Are You Project, at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland in August of this year. 
Cristina Velazquez is a mix media seeker, who employs the use of your recyclables to transform what has been discarded into pieces of fine art.  Although considered trash, the outcome will not be such.  Until we can eat our own trash, we will continue to have a garbage problem; Velazquez shares about her site-specific installation, Eat My Trash.  Recently has exhibited at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, with an upcoming show at Pam Foss Fine Art Gallery in Maryland in November. 
Pedro A. Alvarez-Velazquez, at his early 15 years of age has accumulated a vast portfolio of images captured through his different lenses.  A photographer with an expansive view on high art, shares part of his collection in this art exhibition.  As a young photographer he has render different colors and textures, that where shot in passing moments on hikes, at site seeing outings, and on everyday life with camera on hand.  Pedro has an acute eye for details and expands his repertoire of images by engaging in the most minute to the grand and showy of objects.  Recent exhibition with awards of merit at the Redwood City Annual Spring Art Show, where he won first place, and second place in the Middle School Division—Fine Arts with an award of  $25.00 check from the San Mateo Credit Union.

South First Billiards 
Address: 420 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95112

Exhibition:  August 2 – September 30,

Reception: September, 6th 2013 7pm-10pm.

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For questions about the location and artwork, please contact Cristina Velazquez (650) 387-7603

Live performances:  7:00 P.M. through 1:00 A.M.

Poets:  Aquiles Borges, Jorge Vargas, Laura San Pablo, Miguel Gonzales, & Umbelina Martinez
Singers:  Aldo Adrian, Laura San Pablo, Nikita, & Rodrigo Vargas
Rock Band:  Los de 1 Dia

Pedro Alvarez-Velazquez - SILVER PLANE