Little Red Journal Auction

 Little Red Journal is to be auctioned off as a WCA fundraiser at a later date. 

1.Topic: be creative; remember 2012 is WCA’s 40th anniversary. 
2.Create 1-2 pieces, collaborations welcome! 
3.Art Work Size: 4h x 3w .25d inches, no complaining on size constraints. 
4.Media, original art, painting, photo drawing printmaking, sculpture flat or very skinny, let the mind wonder. 
5.Please put your name, initials whatever you are comfortable with on front or back, your name and chapter will also be written on the page your work is fastened. Please put your work in an envelope with your name on it when you give it to me or whoever is collecting art that month. We want to give you credit and keep it clean. 
6. Remember art works will be glued, taped or sewn to pages. 
7.Cut off date to receive art is September 18, 2012 at chapter meeting. 
8.You may mail finished work to my home Bonnie J. Smith, 45 Devine Street, San Jose, Ca. 95110 at any time. No hand delivery accepted! 408-298-7898