Jeanette Sacco-Belli Published "The Great Spirit Says."

Dear Friends,

      Happy New year to you all! I  hope that 2012 will be an especially good year for all of us. I am writing this short note to introduce you to my book which I am happy to announce is finally live! It has been a two plus year project, so you can imagine that I am very happy about its completion. This past year has been challenging for many of us, especially artists and musicians, yet life just keeps marching on and there are always adjustments to make along the way. Never knowing just how long any of us have to live on the Planet, it struck me that rather than waiting for a funeral to leave behind a few special words to the people who are important to me, I  thought I would rather share them now while I am still here.
  In 2009 I had a beautiful life-changing experience. It was very intense and powerful, and had such a calming and up-lifting effect on me I was driven from with-in to document it so I could share the experience (to the best of my ability) through words and art for my family and friends. The book is illustrated with 8 of my paintings (which are a part of the story), and at the end is my Ethical Will and a few expressions written by others who's words touch my heart deeply. It is my hope that those who read it will benefit from the messages contained within it, creating more peace, joy and harmony in their lives. It may also bring to light another interpretation on how to view the world, our connection to it, to each other, and all life. You can find it on the web by typing in The Great Spirit Says. A few previews will come up for you to check out. If you decide to order it, I recommend going directly to  rather than using Amazon or another large company. They are selling the first version of the book which has only 6 paintings in it. At Balboa, they are selling the latest  release, which has the 8 paintings in it, plus the latest revisions. They can be reached at: 1 877 407-4847 x 5032  If you wish, you can have me order it for you as I will be making one large order this week, this will save you the shipping  and handling cost. If you order it from me, it is  26.00 dollars, otherwise it is 30.74.

 I will have a book signing at my home on Sat. Feb.25TH between 6PM and 7PM. at 4011 Marsten Ave. Belmont. I would love to see you there and have you join in on the celebration, there will be wine and goodies!  Thanks for letting me share! Warmly, Jeanette Sacco-Belli 

If you are interested in purchasing the book, please do so through Balboa Press or by contacting Jeanette Sacco-Belli directly.
The Channel sales line:  877-407-4847 x5032.
The information for the book is this:
ISBN:  9781452541297
Author: Jeanette Sacco-Belli
Title: The Great Spirit Says