Claire Erlin in CAL Juried Show

I have a photo in  the CAL Juried show.  It was taken during a 2 week high altitude campout with the construction Rangers who were building a new section of trail on the Tahoe Rim Trail near Star Lake, where we were camped.  Above 6,000 feet the Forest Service uses llamas instead of horses . They are easier on the land ecologically and more naturally suited to working in the altitude.  We were hauling food, supplies, and water for the Rangers.  Star lake is almost 11,000', I think.  It was so beautiful up there.  My llama used to sing when he was in his natural altitude.
The photo that is in the show was taken along the new section of trail where they had done some blasting on a particularly large granite boulder the day before that was in their way. It shows the blasted center of the granite where it intersected the trail and beyond.

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