WCA Member Felicia Forte Participates in Upcoming San Francisco Group Show!

Arc building exterior night

You are most cordially invited to attend the


Bay Area Juried Exhibition

Saturday, December 4th, 7-10PM

- featuring 33 Bay Area artists

EXHIBITION DATES: December 4, 2010 - January 15, 2011

Arc building exterior night


Richard Bolingbroke, Jan Brugger, Elizabeth Cayne, Taylor Crawley, Miles Epstein, Kat Flyn, Felicia Forte, Paul Gibson, Kevin Grady, Audrey Heller, Liesa Lietzke, Erin Malone, Stephani Martinez, Kristine Mays, Jessica McCoy, Kaitlin McSweeney, Beth Mullins, Camilla Newhagen, Danielle O'Malley, Celena Peet, Archil Pichkhadze, Lucky Rapp, Anne Ross, Maja Ruznic, Tracy Sengillo, Kirsten Stolle, Yuriko Takata, Rusty Tea, Stephen C. Wagner, Linda Wallgren, Sharon Wickham, & Greg Wilson


Dolls are substitutes for humans, and are used in both childhood and adult play. A plastic doll, robot, sock monkey, paper doll, rag doll, nutcracker, marionette, soldier, voodoo effigy and blowup sex toy, they are all repositories of our fears, fantasies, and desires. We love them, we fear them; we cherish them, we tear them apart; we talk to them, they talk to us. We imbue them with our imaginary life and in return they transport us into their worlds. For the Holiday Season, Arc Gallery will be figuratively transformed into a giant dollhouse for one-of-a-kind dolls and dollhouses. Artists are invited to liberally interpret their concept of 'dolls' and 'dollhouses,' and bring to life a creature or world from your wildest imaginings.


Jack Fischer is the owner of Jack Fischer Gallery at 49 Geary in San Francisco . His gallery exhibits work from a diverse group of artists that fall under the rubrics of 'outsider, folk, contemporary, naive, visionary, self-taught, and intuitive.' Visitwww.jackfischergallery.com

"I once heard someone say ' there is nothing funny about a clown after midnight.' I think the corollary in this case would be: ' there is nothing cute or sweet about a doll after an artist has their way with it.' Try as i might to add to this statement of what the doll show is about and why I chose the way I did I am stymied by my inability to add to what the artists have already." - Jack Fischer